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Wednesday, August 14 2019

Welcome Fox News!  

We hope you decide to run a story on our information, keep in mind Al Jazeera investigative group also came over to interview us only to steal a VHS copy of behind the scenes Prime Alliance footage and then to never report our information on Dr. Wade Exum.  So we don't expect much from the media these days, especially those who are now called Fake News.  We are very distrustful of the media but are willing to speak to you in that we hope the story could lead to President Trump lauching an investigation into the FBI, USOC, USADA, USA Cycling, and the Department of Justice in the improper handling of the Lance Armstrong case as well as in the past allowing doping athletes to compete thus destroying the hopes and dreams of aspiring US Olympians from the 1990s to today.  We recommend an independent anti-doping agency to replace USADA.

There was nothing justified by letting Lance Armstrong off the hook with a simple $5,000,000 fine.  The man lied and cheated and frauded the entire world his entire life and we need to get to the bottom of how and why this happened and justice needs to be served.

We hope this story on cycling will help also figure out to what lengths corruption within the USA has trickled down from sports all the way to the White House.   The FBI drops the investigation into Lance Armstrong????  Really???  Then Lance admits doping, who was in charge of the FBI at that point and if the FBI is that bad at a simple doping case how can they possibily be trusted?  No it is not a surprise that the FBI is also having lots of friction with President Trump.

Dr. Wade Exum refuses all interviews and we need the President's power to make him speak before his information is lost forever.

Trump sponsored the Tour de Trump and I think he would want to know this information.

That is all.

Signing Off.

-The Commander

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