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By Matt DeCanio
Have you ever wanted to read the "REAL" story of Stolen Underground?

Matt DeCanio is writing his first book online entitled THE SCREAM!  To read this book you must buy a pass here and we will give you the passwords to view the online book.  This book is not published anywhere else and is currently being written Monday through Friday until it is completed!   We are making the first 2 chapters of the online book "The Scream" available to read for free.  If you like it, and want to read the rest of the story please donate $9.95 to support our anti-doping army to help us reform the Anti-Doping Agency of the United States to protect the future of sports.

Matt DeCanio a former professional cyclist and member of the USA Cycling Team tells his story from the start of his career to today.  Read the writings of ONE of if not the biggest rebel in the history of pro cycling.  Matt is the only rider to ever be fired for what he has written about the corrupt system.  THE SCREAM By: Matt DeCanio is ideal for anyone who loves cycling and wants to know about what really goes on in professional cycling.

Matt DeCanio will be writing monday through friday until the book is completed.  To read the book simply login to and you will be able to read it as it is written.

All rights are reserved.  No refunds.  All profits go into the Stolen Underground Anti-Doping Movement.
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