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Thursday, September 24 2020

Dr Wilhelm Reich was close to uncovering the truth of life and he was 90% correct but his final 10% was wrong.  He was a communist and believed Capitalism was evil and it created negative energy in people.  But this aspect of his work was wrong the other parts were accurate.  The shrinking of cancer with Orgone Accumulator does work, they probably also would save lives in Covid-19.  I made one and I have one.  I keep mine for emergencies in medical events where I need healing energy.

Either way cancer is created by self hate.  Self hate is negative energy Wilhelm talked about different layers of molecular structures that change with blockage of energy.  How negative energy blocks cells abilites to get fixed by your army cells this is all accurate.  Dr. Wilhelm Reich is still the most brilliant scientist in the history of the world hands down and the fact they burned his research and even in death self hating cunt twat bags still attack him.

The FDA is or was absolutely corrupt.  Look self hate knows no boundaries corruption is everywhere and in everything, like the mass media has self hate that reports on the shootings by cops who had self hate and then the protesters have self hate who then shoot the cops.

Deadly Orgone Radiaton if radiated by actual radiation or not it's all the same thing basically it will cause cancer, disease, depression, suicide, drug addictions, greed, violence, sexual perversion, etc.

Look the most complex problems have the simplest solutions.  Self hate creates all the human chaos.  Self hate created the Nazi party and Stalin's negative communist army, and the negative aspects of Capitalism but not one creates self hate.

You can't attack the stars and bars and claim capitalism creates self hate.  I would love to have spoken directly to Dr. Wilhelm Reich but he died in jail.  So now others are trying to pick up the pieces and make his work a political event, and this is wrong.

I believe capitalism is great for true self lovers because hard work is true self loving thus the reward is given for those who truly love themselves but also for those who truly hate themselves so it makes it hard for people to distinguish between the two.

The world has two types of people self haters and true self lovers.  All of the little men Dr Wilhelm Reich talks about are self haters and they are the ones who think winning external love matters the most.

Domination is retaining your true self love regardless of what you win.  Dr. Reich was wrong that capitalism creates situations where people become orgasitically impotent.  In fact working at capitalism places of business you can meet tons of girls.  At my worst capitalism jobs I did in the past where I made $5 for hours of work as a cable contractor I got pussy all the time.  I made out with dudes girlfriends while they were in the other room and fucked so many women.  Self hate not capitalism creates an orgastically impotent person.  

People who hate themselves fear speaking to women and they don't workout so they are fat and negative disgusting.  Fat is unattractive regardless of what mass media tries to brainwash you into believing.  True self lovers also wear nice fashion, are high and tight and sexy as a mother fucker and you can work a shitty capitalism job and it's irrelevant.

So capitalism just like cops are not the reason for all human suffering regardless of what the Democrats teach you.  You watch this latest round of cop killing will result in many BLM deaths of self hating sheeple trying to win fired up by CNN and false idols in music and NFL.  More BLM will die than cops.  Nothing will change and they will attack Trump and potentially he will lose the election resulting in more sheeple Democrats getting slaughtered.

Those who claim being a hippie free love Dr Wilhelm Reich follower is correct are also wrong defending yourself is true self loving and positive.  The 2nd is positive energy.  Allowing someone to kill you as a pacifist is negative energy and self hating.  Also is fucking anything that moves unprotected.  It is all a fine line of positive energy to walk.  But you must do only that which builds true self love and never try and win and that is positive energy domination.

When you mix the work of Dr. Emoto and Dr. Reich you can see the negative deadly Orgone radiaton in frozen water and since we are mostly water you can see how the negative energy is stored in our information systems of our body, and mix in my discovery of true love is ourselves and winning doesn't matter and the work is complete.

I cured myself of suicide, addiction, anger, greed, fame seeking, power seeking, winning matters, and violence.  I am in complete peace in life.  I am the most dominating life force in the world today.  I will soon show you how Dr Wilhelm Reich's sexual energy works when I have a threesome with my wife and this hot girl.  It's all about true self love and winning doesn't matter and when you apply it you will get everything you wanted in life and no longer desire it.

The secret to life has been finalized.  Those who listen will become dominating forces and those who don't will be subordinates in this life and into the afterlife.

I will write a book about pro cycling to help you learn more but now I'm busy with building a custom dream home and mastering real estate.  I've been more productive this year than anytime in my life and earned solid cash for solid work which I've been able to do by unlocking true self love and winning doesn't matter.

I made $100,000 this month alone but it doesn't matter.

You truly love yourself when winning doesn't matter.  Play video games and see how angry or not angry you get when you play to test your true self love that ego hides from you.  If you quit when you lose you hate yourself even if you are playing vile bot hackers.

I am ranked 68 out of 12 million players on Call of Duty.  Winning doesn't matter and true love is ourselves is how I got into the top 100 and am possibly the #1 COD WW2 player in the world today because I am a true dominator.  The only enemy we face is self hate.  Make sure winning doesn't matter it's extremely important to your health and to the peace and harmony of the planet!

All the love you need is inside you already you don't need it externally go inside and look for it and you will save the world and yourself in the process.

When you can go outside and see a black and white world of self hate vs self love you will be a master of true love is ourselves and winning doesn't matter.  People give themselves away and you will soon be able to read people's minds and predict their future actions.

There today are only a handful of true self lovers alive.  I am one and my wife is another and I'm hoping you can become one as well and teach others the same.  We are the future of humanity not the self haters.

Lesson over.

That is all.

Signing Off.

-The Commander



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