Wednesday, 22 October 2014
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Wednesday, 22 October 2014
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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Check this song out.  This is the actual audio from the dickless cock sucking coward ass bitch penis licker who shot innocent people.  I fucking destroy him in this freestyle song.  I gotta borrow X-Faktor's time machine and go back and slay this mother fucker.-DEAD RACER

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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

If we ever did find a sponsor to back some downhill road racing, in the form of a one man time trial on a closed road, our times would be so much faster.  We always stick to the yellow line rule as we are riding on roads open to traffic.  I'd say we probably lose up to 5 miles per hour in any hairpin turn.  This means if we ever did have closed roads, with a professional film crew the shots of us racing by would be pretty impressive.  Obviously holding the events on some of the steepest, most wide open descents would also add to the excitement.-DEAD RACER

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Monday, 20 October 2014
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Monday, 20 October 2014

Because we are so much smarter than you and because you are a fucking idiot, we are forced to take time out of our day to educate you.  I swear 100% of the people on this planet are fucking retarded without the retarded degree which they should have burned into their face.  Face it, you mother fuckers are so God damn stupid.  It's true, sucks to be so fucking smart.  Nobody in my life has proven to me to be smarter on all aspects of life, education, and life knowledge.  So it pains me, but I will share my knowledge to your ignorant fucking stupid ass, to make you better.  9 times out of 10 you don't deserve it.  Call me one of the greatest artists, and creative minds of today.  It's true if you believe it or not.  Check my history you stupid mother fuckers.-DEAD RACER

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Monday, 20 October 2014

I'm sure of it.  Nobody can beat us in downhill road cycling.  Noboby.  It's just not happening, we are suicidal to start.  You aren't.  So we push ourselves with no fear, while you shit in your pants.  We break records, you name the time and place.  It's over, and if you draft cars to set your record we can do that too.  We are so fucking smart.  Highly intelligent.  We are talking way smarter than you.  So if you think you can trick us by fucking us over by drafting we will pick up a car and post a 50 mph average speed.  Face it.  We are the best in America.-DEAD RACER

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Monday, 20 October 2014

This is a message for all of the dick sucking cheating ass sluts.  DEADVS.COM and STOLENUNDERGROUND.COM has new logos cuming soon.  Look at the logos that are going to make millions of dollars and get your pussy wet. -DEAD RACER

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Monday, 20 October 2014

What are you people doing?  You need to promote www.deadvs.com to everyone you know.  Because we are trying to start a new sport, love us or hate us.  Half of the time we are trying to piss you off just to get you off your ass.  Thick skin around these parts.  -DEAD RACER

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Monday, 20 October 2014

Leaderboard // Overall


1 / 152


Rank Name Date Speed HR Power VAM Time
DEAD RACER (DEADVS.COM) Oct 19, 2014 40.1mi/h - 242W - 2:57
2 X-FAKTOR (DEADVS.COM) Oct 19, 2014 39.7mi/h - 203W - 2:59
3 billy baker Jul 21, 2014 39.4mi/h - 206W - 3:00
4 Ben King Nov 7, 2011 39.0mi/h - - - 3:02
5 Chris Keeling Apr 21, 2012 37.2mi/h - 45W Powermeter - 3:11

Leaderboard // Overall


2 / 279


Rank Name Date Speed HR Power VAM Time
X-FAKTOR (DEADVS.COM) Oct 19, 2014 41.0mi/h - 367W - 4:30
2 DEAD RACER (DEADVS.COM) Oct 19, 2014 40.9mi/h - 286W - 4:31
3 David Bozak Mar 15, 2012 38.6mi/h - 100W Powermeter - 4:47
4 Jake Thompson Feb 23, 2014 38.3mi/h - 51W Powermeter - 4:49
5 Ryan Gundling Apr 20, 2013 36.9mi/h - 307W - 5:00

Leaderboard // Overall


1 / 107


Rank Name Date Speed HR Power VAM Time
DEAD RACER (DEADVS.COM) Oct 19, 2014 39.1mi/h - 208W - 3:15
X-FAKTOR (DEADVS.COM) Oct 19, 2014 39.1mi/h - 225W - 3:15
3 billy baker Jul 21, 2014 38.1mi/h - 217W - 3:20
4 Ben King Nov 7, 2011 37.9mi/h - - - 3:21
5 Ryan Welborn Jun 6, 2014 35.4mi/h 114bpm 153W - 3:35

Leaderboard // Overall


2 / 277


Rank Name Date Speed HR Power VAM Time
X-FAKTOR (DEADVS.COM) Oct 19, 2014 38.3mi/h - 380W - 5:26
2 DEAD RACER (DEADVS.COM) Oct 19, 2014 38.1mi/h - 302W - 5:27
3 David Bozak Mar 15, 2012 35.5mi/h - 119W Powermeter - 5:51
4 Jake Thompson Feb 23, 2014 34.8mi/h - 63W Powermeter - 5:58
5 Aaron Warr Nov 15, 2013 34.7mi/h - 283W - 6:00

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Sunday, 19 October 2014

It was a good day for our downhill road team racing 4 segments on Strava.  X-Faktor broke two downhill records and Dead Racer broke two.  X-Faktor has ended the Dead Racer's winning streak.  Video to come in the next day or so.

"It's good to see X-Faktor winning and it's good for our team.  I'm confident now after we have won all of the downhill records in this crucial area of the Blue Ridge Mountains that we can ride against the best downhillers in the world.  We will just continue to move around and find the big road descents and keep breaking records building up awareness for the sport of downhill road racing."-DEAD RACER

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Saturday, 18 October 2014

If you wish to enter our underground downhill race Sunday we will be meeting at the top of Reeds Gap at 1:30 pm.  -DEAD RACER

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Friday, 17 October 2014


I'm looking for an exceptional lawyer to answer a question for me and possibly help me make a few million dollars.  My question is based on my firing from professional cycling where I was fired for posting articles about Lance Armstrong doping if I could file suit against Lance Armstrong or join the class action lawsuit?  I was unable to continue my professional career because Lance was in power and controlling the sport with his doping and corruption.  I also have 2 suicide watches in mental hospitals related to the firing.  Contact me if you are a lawyer would like to help.  100% if Lance wasn't doping and controling the sport I would have never been fired.  Trying to make things equal for what I lost in my life.-DEAD RACER

The primary reason for DeCanio’s release from the team stemmed from the content of his controversial, staunchly anti-doping Web sites, www.stolenunderground.com and www.mattdecanio.com. Content on DeCanio’s sites has varied from his own doping experiences to highly personal admissions of depression as well as specific accusations directed towards past and current professional riders, including Lance Armstrong.

Read more at http://velonews.competitor.com/2005/01/news/ofoto-fires-decanio-over-web-sites_7451#WpirQrmXS2CcpSDk.99

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Friday, 17 October 2014

38 - 0


Leaderboard // Overall


1 / 43


Rank Name Date Speed HR Power VAM Time
DEAD RACER (DEADVS.COM) Oct 17, 2014 25.4mi/h 185bpm 520W - 1:44
2 Mark McCardell Mar 11, 2012 20.5mi/h - 347W - 2:09
3 Bryan Mann Mar 11, 2012 20.3mi/h 178bpm - - 2:10
4 john vieke Jul 28, 2012 18.3mi/h - 328W - 2:24
4 Rusty Speidel Jul 30, 2011 18.3mi/h - 268W - 2:24

Leaderboard // Overall


1 / 59


Rank Name Date Speed HR Power VAM Time
DEAD RACER (DEADVS.COM) Oct 17, 2014 23.6mi/h 188bpm 346W - 4:49
2 Ayal Amar Jun 15, 2013 20.8mi/h - 279W - 5:28
3 Bob Newman Jun 15, 2013 20.7mi/h 147bpm 238W - 5:29
4 Michael Wisinski Oct 6, 2012 20.5mi/h 161bpm 259W - 5:33
5 Rusty Speidel Jul 30, 2011 20.1mi/h - 245W - 5:39

Leaderboard // Overall


1 / 43


Rank Name Date Speed HR Power VAM Time
DEAD RACER (DEADVS.COM) Oct 17, 2014 23.8mi/h 187bpm 377W - 6:37
2 Bob Newman Jun 15, 2013 19.8mi/h 147bpm 243W - 7:56
3 Ayal Amar Jun 15, 2013 19.7mi/h - 285W - 7:58
4 Rusty Speidel Jul 30, 2011 19.5mi/h - 259W - 8:04
5 Michael Wisinski Oct 6, 2012 19.3mi/h 159bpm 256W - 8:09

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Wednesday, 15 October 2014


Don't forget to sign up if you are planning on coming out to the downhill race this Sunday.  Click here to sign up.

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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

USADA is such a worthless organization.  First of all they totally ignored all of the media about Lance doping to let him control the sport for over a decade.  Obvious to every anti-doping activist was that Lance was doping, yet USADA did nothing.  Why is this so?  It is because their true job is to control the sports and the people who have invested money in the sports.  Their job is to select the winners and losers.

A perfect example of this is in their sliding sanction scale.  I received a 2 year suspension for admitting doping, never testing positive, and Christian Vandevelde, Tom Danielson, and David Zabriskie all received a 6 month suspension.  Now Tygart is saying Lance can return from his lifetime ban if he rats out others?

So let's get this straight according to USADA you can dope your entire career, win millions of dollars, and then in the end if you rat a few people out you can go back to racing again.  What is the message this is sending to the young racers?  It's a message of being extremely weak on doping.  It's a message that USADA is not doing their job to end doping in sports.  It's a message that doesn't make sense, which then causes us to not trust their ability to protect future generations.

Then let's step it up one level, and add in the information I have with my interview with Dr. Wade Exum that USADA was started by the same people who allowed doping in the USA Cycling federation, and the United States Olympic Committee, and let's go one more step and add in the fact the Travis Tygart was on the legal team against Dr. Wade Exum.  How do you think he got his job as C.E.O. of USADA?

As long as USADA is in control, it's best that the young athletes of America enroll in college and to put cycling on the back burner just as a hobbie.  This also goes for current professional riders who have integrity not to dope.  You must finish your school while you are a professional before you retire.  You must.  If you wait til after, you are not going to have the time, money, or the same opportunities to complete your education.  You will get stuck in the former pro athlete trap.  And that's damn near impossible to get out of once you fall into that trap.  Moral of the story if you are a clean rider, get your degree, look at cycling as a hobbie, know it will never be fair.  Just have fun and don't take it too serious.  Trust me, ask any former pro and I bet you he or she tells you the exact same thing.  USADA should be investigated, and elminated.  Pro sports should police their own sports.  USADA is basically getting paid to give fans the illusion and feel good feeling that their sports are clean and honest.  That's what they get paid for.  They are puppet masters.  USADA started the PCC, Partnership for Clean Competition and oversee the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, PGA, and NCAA.  How many times have we heard about a football player getting a one game suspension for a performance-enhancing drug that would get you banned in pro cycling for a year?

Dopers win, dopers get hired, anti-doper don't win, anti-dopers get fired.  Welcome to the monkey show, put on your monkey suit.-DEAD RACER


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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

The comet of reporters careened into the Sky bus. Per usual.

Where was Chris Froome? The defending Tour champ was supposed to race Liège-Bastogne-Liège, and he wasn’t to be seen anywhere … chest infection, out of the race.

Where, where, where?

Then, Michael Rogers (Tinkoff-Saxo) rolled on by in the calm and clean Belgian morning, nearly unnoticed. He was making his return to racing off a provisional ban after he tested positive for clenbuterol in China, at the 2013 Tour of Beijing.

That could have been curtains for the three-time world time trial champ.


Isn't it great how the pro teams hire the dopers?  And then we have to read about them?  Pro Cycling is nothing but a big dope show where riders who dope are selected over the riders who want to clean up the sport.  This guy used Dr. Ferrari so the rumor has it.  Well kids you know what it takes to make it in professional cycling.  You now know the way the game rolls.-DEAD RACER

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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

I believe Oleg Tinkov would be the man to start this new sport of downhill bicycle racing.  We are making an effort to contact him. -DEAD RACER

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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

New Album added to the website!  I started making music this January and have 355 different songs or variations.  I haven't made a song in months, but I believe this winter I will get back behind the microphone.  Until then I will try and release some of my best stuff monthly.  Some of my stuff needs to be remixed before I release it.  CLICK HERE to view my Great Depression Album.  I would say 85% of my music is freestyle, meaning I made it up as I went.  I didn't write anything down, I hit record.  One take, one song.-DEAD RACER

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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Cycling is a unique sport, freely accessible to tens of millions of fans every year. Whether it is the estimated 15 million people who watch the Tour de France in person each year, or the countless spectators of the classics, regional pro races, and downtown criteriums, almost no one has to walk through a turnstile or pay admission for the privilege. This is one of the great allures of the sport — the ability to get up close and personal with the riders, and truly experience the race first-hand.

Other sports, which are played in large stadiums, can collect tickets and charge admission. But because cycling lacks this fundamental source of revenue, it has always wrestled with financial challenges — and has historically been almost totally dependent upon commercial sponsorship for its financial viability. Unfortunately, to make the situation worse, the sport’s image has been stained and overshadowed by decades of continuous doping scandals — diminishing its public appeal, and often shrinking the general level of sponsorship interest in the sport. After all, who wants their product or brand to be associated with a sport perceived to be saturated with cheaters and illegal drug-takers?

Read more at http://velonews.competitor.com/2014/10/news/changing-business-model-strengthening-financial-foundation_349406#Rqe44J9cZoUriGaU.99

Downhill Road Bicycle Racing has the ability to be profitable because you could sell tickets to everyone alongside the road, in the stands along the course, and in beer tents.  Also, since racers would travel on a 3 mile course, television could have more cameras set up to make it more exciting to watch with riders hitting around 60 mph.  Also, the doping scandals will not be as bad as using a blood boosting drug will not help that much because it is very hard to maintain your maximum wattage due to hairpin turns.  The future of road cycling is in downhill.  

What we need to build this new sport...

1.  A small sponsor to start building awareness for the sport and to promote it to new riders through YouTube videos and Strava.com on descents around the world.  Along with the YouTube videos, the making of a documentary to be sold promoting the sport in bicycle shops, and on NetFlix.

2.  A underground Strava.com race league holding downhill races with riders in every state to get riders to race downhill with around $1000 prize money in each event.

3.  To form a downhill cycling federation.

4.  To hold a national championship event and a world championship event.

5.  Larger sponsors need to be attracted at this point, and with the larger sponsors pushing to have downhill road biking added to the Olympic Games and the X-Games.

6.  At this point the sport can sell tickets and get major television viewers.

7.  Downhill Road Biking will become one of the most popular and viewed sports in the Summer Olympic Games and the X-Games, as it will give fans and viewers Super G style racing to watch with riders hitting top speeds depending on the course of 55 - 75 mph.

8.  New products will be developed in the cycling industry such as new road downhill bike frames with disc brakes, stronger frames, wider tires, bigger gears, different wheels, and potentially double transmissions.  As 60-65T front rings, will require two separate drivetrains for riders to have a 39T for the ascent back to the top.  New helmets, body armour, reworking the cycling uniform to be stronger, padded.  The industry will boom, and the popularity will draw many new riders who would never have been involved with Tour de France styled racing.

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Monday, 13 October 2014

Knee injuries in cycling can occur for a couple of reasons.  The best way to avoid knee injuries are to always cover your knees when the temperature is below 65 degrees, and to make sure you seat is on the low side vs. the high side.  -DEAD RACER

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Friday, 10 October 2014

U.S. Anti-doping chief Tygart hopes Armstrong reveals all

  • By VeloNews.com
  • Published 21 hours ago
Speaking at the Leaders in Sport conference in London, U.S. Anti-Doping CEO Travis Tygart said that Lance Armstrong should fully cooperate with authorities. Photo: AFP PHOTO | JOHN THYS (File).

LONDON (AFP) — United States Anti-doping Agency chief executive Travis Tygart on Thursday called on Lance Armstrong to spill the secrets of his doping under oath for the good of cycling.

Tygart led the USADA investigation which found Armstrong’s United States Postal Service team had carried out “the most sophisticated, professionalized, and successful doping program sport has ever seen.”

Armstrong was banned for life, stripped of all results from August 1998 onward, including seven Tour de France titles, and later confessed in a television interview with Oprah Winfrey to years of lies and deceit in using a cocktail of performance-enhancing drugs.

The American is reported to have voluntarily given evidence to the Cycling Independent Reform Commission to investigate the widespread doping prevalent during his period of dominance.

And Tygart, speaking at the Leaders in Sport conference in London, said, “I absolutely hope he [Armstrong] comes forward. Everyone deserves a second chance.

“We’re happy if it’s true that he did come forward, and we hope that can help UCI and its review of what happened in that generation.”

However, Tygart suggested there is some way to go if the 43-year-old is to return to competitive cycling.

Tygart called for Armstrong to help the sport more fully — as the 1993 world champion promised in his interview with Winfrey — after continually rejecting USADA’s requests to cooperate.

“The rules have to be enforced. There’s a lifetime ban that is in place; there is some discretion to reduce it,” he added. “At the end of last year we gave an opportunity — and what we told him was our final opportunity — which he rejected and decided not to come in.

“I hope for everyone who goes through something like this, made the choices that he made, that they find the opportunity, not just lip-service, to redeem themselves but take action in order to truly help clean up the sport.

“It was the most frustrating day of the investigation back in June 2012 when he refused to come in.

“We thought at that point, with the momentum that was built along with his 11 former teammates that this would have been just a cascade for the benefit of clean athletes.

“We’re slowly plugging along to get to that point where the sport truly changes, we obviously hope he’s a part of that at some point.”

Read more at http://velonews.competitor.com/2014/10/news/u-s-anti-doping-chief-tygart-hopes-armstrong-reveals_348909#JlixsCZ4TcPScto4.99


Sorry I couldn't help myself, I guess USADA is stupid enough to believe that Lance didn't know the USOC and USA Cycling were allowing him to dope?  BITCH PLEASE.  Funny thing is my conversations with "THE" George Hincapie I learned he had no idea who Dr. Wade Exum was or what was even going on around him in the sport.  These professionals are just trained to take orders and go and to not ask questions.  Never underestimate the power of a question.

PROOF PEOPLE ARE FUCKING STUPID, "SUICIDE BOMBERS."  The fact that someone would believe it's best to blow themselves up, rather than to live is so ignorant.  We are put on this planet to live, it doesn't matter even if you sit in a chair all day.  Your job is to live.  Look at the life of a dog.  Living in the here and now is all that matters.  Living in peace.  Racers and Suicide Bombers are very similar as they listen to corrupt leaders.  In the case of the suicide bomber he needs to be smart enough to realize that if someone tells him to kill himself, the person telling him to kill himself is the enemy.  If you do not understand this, this means you are a fucking idiot.  Natural selection.  Like a stink bug landing on me, bitch I will flick you off, and stomp your guts out.  Ignorant bug failed to be smart.  Same with many people.

One of my good friends said it best, "Let's remove all of the warning labels and let the problem sort itself out."  A great famous quote.  And why the fuck are we letting planes into the USA from Ebola country?  Is everyone this fucking stupid? 

You know USADA checks out this website, and you know they are nervous.  What kind of bullshit statement is Tygart trying to make now.  I will tell you what it is, it is a bluff.  Reverse psychology.  They think if they pretend to be cleaning up the sport, people will actually believe it.  

Here are the facts.  Tygart worked for the lawfirm that defeated Dr. Wade Exum in court.  Dr. Wade Exum was exposing corruption in the USOC.  The lawyers from the lawfirm started USADA and then took it over.  Tygart unless he is a complete idiot and let me assure you he isn't, has to know the evidence that Exum was bringing to light.  What evidence is this?  It's the evidence that showed that the USOC and USA Cycling played favorites letting certain athletes dope, while others couldn't.  A system of playing favorites, which is still in place today on many levels in professional sports.

You see you just can't be a great athlete, you have to be able to sell merchandise to be protected and untouchable like Lance once was.  The only reason Tygart and USADA took Lance down was too many people came forward against Lance.  Lance was too much of a dick to too many people and karma came around.  Tygart acted like he was ignorant to the fact Lance was doping for so many years.

Get this, Lance's defense is that the USPS should have known about doping going on with all of the facts in the media.  Well guess who was also in power during this time running our anti-doping system?  Travis Tygart, so by that reasoning it makes sense to state as a fact that Tygart should have also known about Lance doping and removed him from the sport.

The anti-doping systems are corrupt in the United States.  I am a man that has dedicated his life to anti-doping activism.  I lost everything and sacrificed everything.  I've been through it all, I know the score.  Lance Armstrong had to come down.  But when they took Lance down, this has exposed the entire system.  By removing Lance USADA has just cut it's own throat.  This court case will prove USA Cycling and the USOC allowed doping.  I've asked Hincapie to give my message of facts about this case to Lance Armstrong.

Finally, Tygart has no fucking right to make a statement that Lance deserves a second chance.  He has already banned him for life.  Fuck you Travis Tygart.  Fuck you!  USADA's days are numbered.  So what will happen is this.  A huge corrupt political move against the USPS will go down, we are talking major players in Congress etc.  They will try to reach a settlement with Lance.  Lance will be offered a deal he can not turn down, he will have to lose some money, but it will be enough to live on forever in great wealth.   

So at this point Lance will have a true chance of redemption.  If Lance says no to the settlement deal, and takes on the corruption in the USOC and USA Cycling, standing against those who once protected him.  And calls Dr. Wade Exum to court, and brings all of his files proving corruption in the USOC and USADA.  He can prove that the government should have known he was doping.


USADA is not a government entity, however the agency is partly funded by the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) 

So USADA being partly funded by the government means they should have known Lance was doping and USADA is held responsible for not doing their job.  You see they wanted money, their greed to take government funds will be their end.  The government of the USA's job is to ensure clean competition.  And since USADA has failed the US government and they have accepted their money, they are going to be the ones who will eventually take the heat and become liable.

 Ultimately, it is the fault of USADA for Lance Armstrong's damage to the USPS.  

Lance will win his case if he choses to fight against the USOC, USA Cycling, and USADA calling Dr. Wade Exum to the stand.  The government will then have to sue USADA for not removing Lance when they had the facts for the amount that the Postal Service lost, and in turn will also have to step in and to create an independent anti-doping agency run by the government.  So the big losers will be USADA.

USADA will lose their control of the Partnership for Clean Competition and their resonsibility of cleaning up all sports in the United States which they have received a F minus in my book.  


This is where the roots of StolenUnderground.com come from.  Anti-Flag's underground network, alternative communications is the reason Stolen is the Underground.  Do you get it? Have I ever been wrong? Not when it comes to anti-doping.-DEAD RACER

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Friday, 10 October 2014
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Wednesday, 08 October 2014

Downhill race this Saturday.  

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Wednesday, 08 October 2014

We have put together a guideline for holding a downhill racing event.  Click here to read.

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Tuesday, 07 October 2014

Episode 4 of Dead Racer TV is coming soon.  Keep checking back.

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Tuesday, 07 October 2014
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Tuesday, 07 October 2014

X-FAKTOR will now be writing blogs on deadvs.com

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